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Energy Performance Certificates

Energy Performance Certificates:

Wensley and Lawz have long been at the fore front of EPC provision in the UK. We were the first company to be approved to train commercial energy assessors and have trained over 800 engineers and surveyors. We provide EPCs in volume for a wide range of companies dispersed over many sectors.

Our cost effective, fast and reliable service has made us the provider of choice for many of our clients. We unlike many EPC providers do not operate of panel model, so efficiency and quality management are assured.

What are EPCs?

Energy performance certificates offer an interpretation of a buildings existing and potential energy efficiency. The assessments are carried out by qualified energy assessors who conduct an appraisal of the subject property noting the exact dimensions of the building, its age, construction type and the existing HVAC, thermal elements , windows and building controls.

The result is that of a 3D CAD energy model of the building is created. This gives an accurate measure of the energy efficiency of the building and is displayed in the form of a rating (A-G). There is also another rating displayed on the chart that is the potential rating which is achievable when certain recommended improvements are adopted.

The recommendations are specified in a separate accompanying report,” Recommendation Report”. Recommendation reports are issued simultaneously when an EPC is generated.

When do I need an EPC?

If you are instigating a commercial property transaction yourself or on behalf of a landlord it is a legal requirement to have an Energy Performance Certificate in place to form part of the marketing and legal paper work. The trigger will be the point at which the property is presented to the market.