CRC Compliance

The Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme (CRC) is a mandatory climate change and energy initiative. The CRC has been designed to encourage organisations to reduce their energy usage and in doing so reduce their carbon emissions through both financial and reputational means.

The CRC is central to the UK’s strategy for improving energy efficiency and reducing carbon dioxide (co2) emissions, as set out in the Climate Change Act 2008. The CRC is expected to affect around 20,000 organisations within UK and involvement is phased.

Qualification for the initial phase of the CRC is based on an organisation’s total half-hourly electrical usage throughout 2008. An organisation would be included in the CRC if its total half hourly usage is greater than 6,000 MWh. However, it is possible that the threshold for CRC inclusion may be lowered in time.

Wensley and Lawz have developed a fully managed solution to allow organisations to comply with the CRC as follows:

  • Scheme Registration
  • Creating the CRC Information Pack
  • Data Collecting
  • Recording the CRC data
  • Annual foot print
  • Evidence pack Creation
  • Develop carbon management strategies