Building Energy Audits

Saving money and implementing green policy within companies that operate buildings has never been more poignant in times of ever increasing energy costs and growing government pressure to reduce CO2. AI great place to start is by commissioning a review of how your company uses that energy in the form of an energy audit.

A commercial building energy audit is a study of your buildings energy using equipment and the behaviour of those using it.

An energy auditor comes to your building and interviews facility managers, inspects lighting, air conditioning, heating and ventilation equipment. Controls, air compressors, water consuming equipment and anything that uses energy.

The Auditor will develop a list of energy conversation measures that could reduce energy usage and costs in your building. A list of recommendations will be accompanied by a payback period for the program of changes. Depending on the level of the building energy audit the auditor will then quantify how much potential there is to save energy for each of these measures and analyse the costs associated with implementing them.