Air Conditioning System Efficiency Inspection

From January 2011 it became a statutory requirement for all conditioned buildings with a combined cooling output of greater than 12kw to have in their possession a completed Air Conditioning Inspection Report. Anyone found not to have a valid report will be liable to face a penalty fine from the government.

The responsibility for instigation of the reports falls on the party responsible for the maintenance and general up keep of the equipment. This might include a tenant, a landlord, or a facilities manager.

Wensley and Lawz Air Conditioning system efficiency inspectors, examine the cooling and air handing equipment looking for defects and areas likely to affect the efficient running of the system.

We also look at the maintenance schedule, the condition of the fans, the condition of the refrigeration equipment, and comment is made as the equipment’s suitability to effectively cater for the size of space it is proposed to cool. The report format follows the Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers, TM44 template. The ensuing reports are than lodged on the approved government database, and are valid for 5 years.