Lease Plans/Land Registry Compliant Plans

Since October 2003, all new leases granted for terms over seven years or existing leases sold or assigned with seven years left to run must now be registered with Land Registry. Land registry plans for both lease and freehold properties are an integral part of our services for private landlords, law firms and investment companies with large property portfolios.

A Lease Plan is a scale drawing of land and buildings described in your Lease. It also depicts areas which are shared in common with others and any rights of way that are granted. A Plan which illustrates the location of the property is also required to register your Lease with the Land Registry.

Land Registry compliant Lease Plans need to include the following:

  • Detailed Floor Plans (Scale 1:100/1:200)
  • Location plan insert (Scale 1:1250)
  • North Point
  • Colour Edging (to indicate areas referred to in the Lease)